Home baked individual choux buns filled with vanilla bean gelato dusted with icing sugar and served with a jug of warm real chocolate.



Coffee and amaretto soaked sponge layered with zabaglione cream and dusted with cocoa.


Rich dark chocolate mousse


Limoncello crème brulee

Limoncello liquore infused baked egg custard topped with a crisp caramel crust and served with almond cantuccini.


Trio of ice cream Al'italiano

Pistachio, chocolate and vanilla pod.


Amaretto panettone bread and butter pudding

Made with Italian fruit brioche and served with pistachio ice cream


Treacle sponge pudding

Served hot with cream & vanilla bean gelato.


Cafe Coretto

A Liqueur of your choice, a single shot of espresso and a scoop of Vanilla bean gelato.


Cannolo alla Siciliana

Waffle filled with ricotta cream, with chocolate drops and candied orange peel.


Cannolo alla Siciliana

Crispy sweet waffle cone filled with ricotta cream and candied peel.



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